John Tull

Senior Manager of Energy Projects


Mr. Tull has more than 25 years in power generation, construction, maintenance & commercial property management, and energy efficiency program development.  This journey has been guided by a continuous desire to add value.  To insure a successful Energy Conservation Program it is imperative that an energy manager develops an ethic/culture of conservation within their organization.  Because most companies are not in the energy efficiency business Energy Managers must strive to meet operational needs while simultaneously decreasing consumption.   Over the last six years Mr. Tull's energy conservation activities have yielded a cumulative savings of 90M kWh; 37M gallons of water; 2.3M therms; and offset costs of $20M.  These savings were achieved by spending $6.8M over six years.  During this time Mr. Tull has applied for and received $3.2M in utility incentives.  Total cost minus incentives equates to a 625% return on Amtrak's energy conservation activities since the inception of their conservation program.  Simultaneously these projects have improved lighting conditions, decreased operating costs, and aided site staff to meet or exceed their corporate mandated energy reduction goals.  These savings don't include maintenance related savings.   

John Tull


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