Steve Hicks

Chief Technical Officer - Rail

Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority

Steve Hicks is a 28 year transit expert with a strong background in transportation maintenance, project management and rail vehicle engineering including all aspects of rail vehicle overhaul, rail vehicle procurement and maintenance facility upgrades.   Stephen holds an engineering degree from Northeastern University.

Stephen has the overall responsibility and supervision of the nation's 5th largest transit authority for rail maintenance. Stephen oversees rail maintenance for the three heavy rail lines, one light rail line, one trolley line as well as Everett back shops for rail fleet support and bus fleet support.  His team manages a large staff to support daily car count requirements on all of the rail lines, in-house overhauls of rail and bus fleets and support of outside vender overhauls.

As the Chief Mechanical Officer of Rail, he is involved with eight major goals for the vehicle maintenance division.  New Transit Vehicles for the Authority's Red & Orange Line, New Transit Vehicles for the Authority's Green Line, upgrade of the Orange Line test track, design/build of a Red Line test track, upgrade the Orange Line rail yard, upgrade the Red Line rail yard, Wellington repair facility design/build and Cabot RTL repair facility design/build.  

Steve H


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